Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 RFS Blog Recap!

A year can bring a lot of change and a lot of new blog posts!  After reading through a year in blogs I have decided to point out some special posts all in one place.  Whether you are a new or old friend, here is 2010 and here's to 2011!

In February we debuted our branding which was done by our friends Ashley and Sam at Ashley Brockington Photography.

In April we showed you how we made custom rings.  This is our dear friends Cait's finished ring.  If you go back to the "Cait's Custom Ring" post you can see how we came to this!

In June we were designing new packaging and, you must check out our series of Love letters between Tara's grandparents that will melt your heart.  

We also found these darling mugs from Fishes Eddy! 

In June, we also named ALL of the rings!! 

In July, RFS was featured on the Style channel's "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?"

October... milestones for sure!  October gave us a home at Buro Miami in Midtown!  We got TONS of press and had our grand opening party!  Honestly, you should take a look back at the entire month!

November was so busy we didn't even blog about the grand opening party!  Here are some never before blogged RFS Grand Opening Party pics!

In December we kicked it into high gear!  We released two full concierge packages for our local Miamians and people that would like to travel to us called "Love is in the Air" and "Love is in Miami"! 

We started a section of our blog called "Your Story" where we will feature stories you submit about yourself or your friends that will bring an audible "awwwww!" to all of our readers.

Last, but far from least, we released the invite for our event for every man that missed the boat for the holidays and didn't propose, "Beer, Rings and Wings" which will be taking place this Thursday, January 13. 

Now that we have completed our walk down memory lane, we are excited to announce we have a lot in store for 2011, first being a special series of blogs where you get to meet the RFS family!  

Best wishes to all for the New Year!