Monday, December 13, 2010

Your story :)

This is the first (hopefully, of many) of YOUR STORIES.  If you have any fun, funny, adorable, thoughtful, unique, or heart-melting engagement (or wedding) stories send them our way and you may find yourself on the RFS blog. 

Josh and Kerri - Our friends from Syracuse, NY.

Josh is in med school at SUNY Upstate and is your textbook nice guy (no really, they do exist).

Kerri is a very energetic, fun-loving teacher with a hard not to love, infectious laugh.

Josh and Kerri went to the same church as kids, where his father is a minister.  Kerri's two brothers and Josh were childhood friends.  Josh eventually moved away.

Years later, they ran into each other at Al's Whiskey Lounge, in downtown Syracuse.  Picture.... former cigar bar, huge wine and liquor selections and a WIDE array of cheeses to be paired with the wines. 

Josh, the ice-breaker, commented on Kerri's cheese plate, perhaps after a drink or three.  She later learned, he was sincerely interested in her cheese.  He likes cheese. 

A couple dates and two and half years later.  Josh popped the question.

Josh and Kerri went hiking at the Taughannock Falls in Ithaca, NY. 

He set up the camera in front of the falls and set the timer to catch them both in front a beautiful background. 

Ehh, a little displeased with the photo, Josh stayed put and sent Kerri to set the timer again.

This time, at precisely the moment the photo was being taken, Josh got down on one knee and proposed to Kerri.

OF COURSE, she said YES!

Josh and Kerri are getting married this Memorial Day before Josh starts his residency (perhaps we can get him to choose Miami and bring Kerri with him).