Monday, December 6, 2010

LIKE us, CALL us, FOLLOW us, CHECK-IN with us, RFS wants to hear from you!

Things are finally starting to settle down for RFS in Midtown.  We had the grand opening party, got Rachael on board, got home for the holiday, and made it through our first Miami Beach Art Basel (which we will do a full RFS adventures through Basel blog post this week).

Now we will be adding more content to our blogs such as interesting wedding related posts and events we attend in Miami.  We also want to add your stories from pre-engagement to the big day!!

With that being said you can contact RFS in many ways now, which are listed below.

Rachael can be emailed at  Send her all of your stories!
and of course here,

You can also find us on an array of websites for info and reviews, which are listed below.  Search for us at:

Looking forward to hearing from you and learning about you all!  Hope to (expect to) hear from you soon!! :)