Thursday, December 9, 2010

Up, Up and AWAY!! Ring Finger Studio's Love is in the Air Package

RFS is one of a kind, from diamonds, to experience, to... options custom, personal, special options.  Our newest option is the Love is in the Air package.

This includes:

Round Trip Private Jet Service
Limousine Transport
A Suite at the Viceroy Hotel in Downtown Miami
Viceroy Spa Package
Full Concierge for your entire Getaway

You will be flown in a private jet down to Miami and stay in one of the unbelievable suites at downtown's Viceroy hotel where designer, Tara Rose will have dozens of diamonds at your fingertips.  Here, her and the RFS team will walk you through your private consultation to create your own one of a kind engagement ring!

For information and Pricing, please call (786) 888-4515!