Monday, December 20, 2010

Sadie Hawkins would be Proud!

Sadie Hawkins, as we all know it, refers to a dance where the girls ask the boys.  Sadie Hawkins Day originates from the character, Sadie Hawkins, in the Lil' Abner comic strip, by Al Capp, in 1937.  In the comic strip all the single ladies of Dogpatch chased the bachelors and whoever was caught got married.  Somehow, this later transcended into events we know as Sadie Hawkins dances.

More now than ever some wedding traditions are being thrown out the window.

Women proposing to their men would make lovely little Sadie Hawkins proud.  According to an article in Brides Magazine's December 2010 issue, 50% of women polled said that they would propose to their boy if they were sure he'd say yes.  There is even some testimonials featured from women who did the deed and "popped the question."

There was a section where the magazine questioned men on the street, most of them thought it would be awkward or weird.  Surprised?

Also, according to Brides' December issue, a whopping 6% of men wear engagement rings!

Would you propose to your guy?

And if you did, would you buy your desired hub to be a 'Manrock'?

By the way, RFS could design, if wanted, men's engagement rings or 'Manrocks'.