Thursday, January 20, 2011

Donna Karan Spring Collection at Neiman Marcus

During our meeting with Neiman Marcus a couple weeks ago (cross your fingers for us!) we were invited to attend today's event where DONNA KARAN spoke about pieces from her spring 2011 collection.

We OBVIOUSLY accepted the gracious offer!

Today we joined up at the Bal Harbour Neiman Marcus, filed into 4 limos, each equipped with a bottle of Vueve Cliquot, at 11:15AM and we were off to Neiman Marcus Merrick Park, in Coral Gables.  Yes, we had champagne for breakfast!

During the fashion show, DK and Ken Downing, the Director of Fashion for Neiman Marcus, conversed about each piece.  It was surreal.

Of course the clothing was inspiring, but even more inspiring was listening to Donna Karan speak about her work in Haiti, her belief in "caring, sharing, and giving" and finding the calm in our chaotic world.  We all already knew it, but she really is fabulous!

(Find out more about her Urban Zen charity work here.)

And, see the entire Spring Collection here.