Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet RFS!



Chris deserves, but usually refuses to take the credit for the idea behind Ring Finger Studio.

He and Tara were walking up 86th street in Brooklyn, and he was quietly reflecting on his friends, more and more of whom were taking the plunge into marriage.  It occurred to him that each one of them had contacted Tara to get some help with the overwhelming process of purchasing an engagement ring, and each one of them felt confused about where to go and what to do.  They all dreaded walking into a traditional jewelry store, clueless, feeling pressured, feeling like everyone was watching, or judging what they chose and how much they were spending.

Known for having complete conversations in his head,  Chris blurted out, "Why does nobody specialize in engagement rings?  It's the biggest and usually the first jewelry purchase a guy will make?"

Weeks later, a new business was born. A place that specialized in the most important jewelry purchases in life, place that was comfortable, relaxed, and private.  And the rest as they say is, history.


Chris is a hopeless romantic and incredibly kind.  He's quick to buy a meal for anyone down on their luck, and he literally would give you the shirt off of his back.

He loves to cook, and recently has mastered baking bread.  His prize loaves are born from the oldest sourdough starter in the country, originating in the 1700's in New England.  A romantic even when it comes to his baking.

Chris loves playing basketball, is a Scrabble fantatic, loves imported artisan beers, and the mechanics of how things are engineered (especially guns)

Any other questions for Chris?  Email him at

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Brockinton Photography