Friday, April 9, 2010

Cait's Custom Ring

I was talking with my dear friend Cait today who recently got engaged (and got into Harvard for her residency! Congrats!) We made a completely custom engagement ring for Cait with admittedly very little direction from her. I'm not sure if she even knew what she wanted, but we were able to interpret her clues into a ring that she says is perfect, even though she wasn't able to describe it completely. She thought it might be helpful to other brides-to-be to see the process that we went through together in making her ring - so here it is.

She knew that she liked these two Tacori rings, but she felt like something was off about them. She liked the portion that holds the center diamond on the first one, and she liked the band on the second one.

So we drew up some sketches and settled on this one. We decided to add diamonds to the prongs, we extended the twist down the band, and we made the portion that holds the center diamond feel more integrated into the ring.

Next we made a model of the ring in wax to make sure that Cait liked the proportions of the ring. We later used this wax model to cast the ring in platinum.

And, Cait's final one-of-a-kind ring.