Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wedding Favors

I had friends in from New York and the other night we were looking through some wedding books that I bought for the studio. We began talking about wedding favors and we stood divided on whether they were a MUST or a MUST NOT. I like the idea of giving them, but I must say I've gotten some terrible favors, like a jelly candle in a miniature champagne glass. What are you supposed to do with that? I threw it away, but I admit that I felt some guilt.

So, we came to a consensus. Edible wedding favors are almost always a good idea. So, if you're going with wedding favors (which I think is only polite) go with food!

Some of my favorites:

Miniture bottles of Vermont Maple Syrup (My sister-in-law gave these away at her wedding. She's been known to carry a bottle of true maple syrup in her pu
rse so they made for a cute story as well.)

Miniture bags of fresh roasted coffee beans. This one is great because you can do it yourself. You can get the burlap bags here and I recommend my favorite coffee by Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn.

Ohhhh...and you can never go wrong with Signature Favor Boxes of Jacque Torres chocolates!