Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trend Alert with Hope Henderson: Bright Eyes!

Check out what Hope has to say this month!  

In honor of fashion week, I wanted to talk about trends that can go from the catwalk to the sidewalk. There is color everywhere during fashion week and we are seeing alot of it on the eyes. I love colorful, vivid eye shadow that smacks you right in the face! It draws attention and makes you more confident. You can wear the trend as is by placing one main bright and bold color all over your eyelid and into the crease extending it past the eye. Wing some black liner out along with it to give it more edge or place a brighter color on the center of your eyelids for some pop. If you aren't feeling quite that daring then start simple and build up using pastels instead of vibrant shades. Use a neutral color in the crease of your eye then add the pastel color on your eyelid. 

The bottom line it: Don't be afraid of color! If there is a color you love to wear in clothing, chances are you will like it on your eyes. 

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