Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Walks on the Beach...

I suppose a long walk on the beach can be enjoyable, relaxing and romantic even.  Miami did get rated as the 4th most romantic city in the US by Amazon.

However, if this staple isn't quite your idea of a date but you do enjoy the views Miami has to offer and maybe you and your sig other are into dates that are a little more active, we think we've found the hottest date in town.

Hirooka Surf and Sport offers paddlesurfing lessons, as well some pretty cool other activities, and they are conveniently located in South Beach, behind the Gansevoort Hotel.

One reason RFS loves Hirooka Surf and Sport, besides that they donated to the Rally for Kids for their Poker and Pool tourney, is that they are offering couples paddlesurfing lessons and have even aided some creative individuals in proposing to their special someones.  Check out their video below!

Yea, we know, AWESOME!

Contact them here for more info or to set your date!