Thursday, February 3, 2011

RFS Special Feature: Luxe Fete, a lovely Miami Event and Design Studio

Before meeting Nathalie, owner of Luxe Fete, we were confident we would be able to work together .  Now that we have, we had to feature her and share the beautiful work she does with each of you!

If you do not fall in love the moment you get to the Luxe Fete website and hear their music I suppose you should read on. But we were IMMEDIATELY hooked!  Luxe Fete is a full service boutique event planning and design studio.   The three words they use to describe themselves are, "simply elegant parties."  Luxe Fete's abilities are diverse for sure but the one common aspect of each project they take on is how they create and enhance all of YOUR wishes, dreams and style into an equally memorable and spectacular event!

Now to the good stuff... three questions I asked Miss Nathalie:

RFS: What was the defining factor to make the switch from practicing law to starting Luxe Fete (yes, she went to law school and practiced law for several years)?

Nathalie: I knew I did not want to practice law anymore when I noticed I had no issue staying up late working on events but could not do the same for working on briefs.  It's all about passion.

RFS: What was your favorite event you planned?

Nathalie:  My wedding.  It was at the Trump Sonesta with the beach as a backdrop and had so many personal touches.  I loved designing and creating an atmosphere that told the story of me and my husband.  It was magical for many reasons and I will always strive to create that same magic for all my couples.

RFS: Lastly, when you aren't putting on events for other peoples enjoyment, what do you do for fun in your spare time?

Nathalie: I love hanging out at the beach with my husband and daughters.  It's the perfect way to decompress and just have fun.