Thursday, March 3, 2011

GUYS: YOU NEED TO READ THIS! How to avoid buying an engagement ring she'll hate!

Every woman wants to be surprised with her engagement ring, but guys, we know that most of you have no clue when it comes to jewelry.  We girls wait in excitement when we sense a proposal is near, but we also secretly agonize over the thought of getting a ring that we hate.

Of course it's about the love and the commitment that the ring symbolizes, but essentially we have to wear it for the rest of our life! The thought of wearing something that we don't like...for eternity... 

Well put it this way...not a great way to start a marriage.

Guys, I'm not trying to scare you, I'm offering a solution.  

A fail-proof solution that takes the stress out of purchasing an engagement ring AND it will make you look like the best future husband a girl could hope for.  

"Love is for You" - This package is the best way for a couple to choose their engagement ring TOGETHER!


*A couples massage at the Spa at the Viceroy Miami

*Lunch at Viceroy's E-Bistro

*A private engagement ring and diamond consultation with Ring Finger Studio at the Spa at Viceroy Miami
(Guys, we'll discuss your budget prior to our consultation so you can relax that we aren't going to let your girlfriend choose a ring that you can't afford.)

*A $500 credit toward the purchase of your diamond engagement ring.

Price: $700.

It takes the stress away for you, and makes it a memorable, romantic experience she'll never forget.

CALL US for more INFO or to SCHEDULE.  786-888-4515
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