Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your Story : Julie and Daissy

Occasionally we have a couple that comes along that just makes everyone smile.  They're a joy to work with, and their love and excitement about getting engaged is infectious.  These types of couples are the ones we always remember and the ones that make it such a joy to own this business.  Julie and Daissy were one of these couples.

To Julie and Daissy, we wish you happiness and love and all of the good things that life can bring.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of such a special time in your lives!

Julie and Daissy's Story:

They met on Julie's 30th birthday, while both living in NY.  Daissy says she knew from that moment that Julie was special.  A girl after my own heart, Daissy found Julie's work phone number, and left a message on Julie's voicemail a few days later.  Julie's friends teased that Daissy might have "stalker status", but Julie quickly realized that Daissy's resourcefulness was something that she loved about her.

Daissy's Engagement Ring

Their proposal was a little complicated for us.  We helped Julie first, then Daissy to surprise the other one with their ring.  I can't even begin to explain the stress we felt as we sent emails filled with little white lies to throw each of them off the other ones trail.  We were so anxious that we would mess it up and ruin the whole thing!

Thankfully neither of them were any the wiser to the others plans to propose.  Julie caught her proposal to Daissy in the pictures below.  With the help of her brother, a photographer, and after a series of family photos (which ensured the camera was set up just right), Julie popped the question at sunset on the island of Curacao.

Julie's Engagement Ring

Daissy quietly proposed to Julie about a week later.  They both said yes!  They are still figuring out
ceremony and reception options, but they're already planning their honeymoon - two weeks in Thailand!  Perfect for a couple that describes their personal motto as "Will work for travel"

Many happy travels to you!