Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jeff's Engagement Ring; A Tale of Two Nations

We've definitely had some interesting design requests here at the studio, but I think our latest client, Jeff, wins in the originality department.  Jeff's now fiancee, Elvia, is originally from Juarez, Mexico.  Jeff came up with the idea of having Mexican silver mixed into his diamond solitaire engagement ring as a sign of respect to Elvia's heritage.
Well, after nearly two months of hunting, calling, and a near trip to Mexico City, Jeff managed to secure two silver rings from South-of-the-Border and we created a custom white gold alloy which contained 15% Mexican Silver.
He was thrilled, she said yes, and I don't think Jeff would be offended if we say we're glad its done! 

P.S.  I can't wait to hear the ideas for the wedding bands...

Let's not forget the diamond either...it's a 2.03 carat Ideal Cut round brilliant.